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#5 Forum Rules

Posted by CHiLL on 05 December 2016 - 11:53 PM


  1. Discussion of breaking Federal laws (any countries) is not allowed on our forum.
  2. Never under any circumstances post personal information of another user, pictures, or any other material without the person's consent.
  3. Impersonating Staff members is NOT allowed. 
  4. Do not use any names containing Foul Languages / Administrator / Moderator / GM name.
  5. Any referral of MU related or non related sites are to not be discussed on this forum. This includes Advertising / mentioning other MU server(s) / forums or any other on-line gaming advertisements including rankings that does not affiliate the Admin's server(s).
  6. The use of explicit, vulgar language, drug talk and pornography is prohibited.
  7. Do not post offensive, racist, abusive, obscene or discriminating posts towards other members. The abusive language rules MUST be followed at all times.
  8. The main language of this forum is strictly in English language. If you prefer to use your own language you MUST have English translated version along with your post.
  9. Use the forum SEARCH option feature before posting threads that addresses any errors, problems, questions, bugs and etc. Chances are someone has already asked the same question and received an answer.



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#477 [Event] Monthly Vote Reward Event

Posted by KingAdmin on 07 January 2017 - 05:20 PM

We have started New Event and it's called Vote Reward Event.

Win great Creadit Rewards Every month just by Voting for our Server.

We will automatically Reward Top 30 Players who vote the most Monthly.

Top 1 = 30 000 Credits, and every next postion will get 1000 Credits less.

Start Voting ever 12 hours Now: HERE and Check You Place: HERE


Event starts on the first date of month and ends on the last one. Rankings clear on each 1st date.

System will not add rewards if it was not a fully 1 month!


Server x400



Server x60


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#1051 [Event] Monthly Raffle

Posted by GM Justice on 22 February 2017 - 01:46 PM

Monthly Raffle Event [ FEBRUARY]


Hello, and Good Day Players of x7000 starting Today


Every END of the MONTH we will DRAW a winner of a special PRIZE


PRIZE this MONTH: 4th Level Wing +15 




Simply REPLY to this thread with your Character Name

and a simple quote describing our SERVER









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#489 Looking for a Game Master!

Posted by KingAdmin on 10 January 2017 - 02:53 PM

Greetings! If you are reading this topic so probably you are interested to help our server being GM. 

Currently we are looking for a motivated people who would like to join our server staff team.

If you feel you are good so please fill this GM application form below.


Your Real Name:

Your age:

Country You live:

Languages you know:

How long time can You be online daily:

Do You have any GM experience:

How long do You play Mu Online:

Have You played in our Server Mu KINGDOM:

How can You help Server being a GM:

Any other comments on why we should choose You:


After You have answered all questions please invite me in Skype. (Find it, it's easy)

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#640 Update 20.01.2017

Posted by KingAdmin on 20 January 2017 - 06:45 PM

Master level points are decreased from 2 to 1 per every level. Max level is the same 330.
The reason is to give you an opportunity to build your master skill tree unique.
So your build will give you an unique settings for master skill tree.
With best regards,
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#501 Update 13.01.2017 (Game Client)

Posted by KingAdmin on 13 January 2017 - 08:11 PM

Hello dear Mu KINGDOM players. We have a great news for you!

We have updated Game Client with the following things:

  1. Added launcher system - Now all next changes in future will update automatically.
  2. Lucky items can be traded, sold and stored in vault now.
  3. Wings level 4 can be repaired, traded, sold and stored in vault now.
  4. All items can be wear from level 1 and their options work from level 1 also.
  5. New useful options in game:

F6 - Hide Game

F7 - Restore

F8 - Minimize

F9 - Auto Right Click


All you have to do now to get it work please Download

New Game Client: http://mu-kingdom.com/downloads


Start game by clicking on StartGame,

To open more than 1 game window do NOT open new StartGame,

but just press GAME START on existing launcher you have opened!


With best wishes, KINGDOM team!



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#48 Update 07.12.2016

Posted by KingAdmin on 07 December 2016 - 04:59 PM

Hello dear players!

We have updated our website design a little bit and of course our new forum. 

We have added Change Class option also since many players asked for it.


With best wishes, Mu KINGDOM Team.

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#22 [Guide] MUUN Pets

Posted by Xerxe on 06 December 2016 - 01:25 PM

You can access them by pressing "Y" Button.


Pets Basic Information:


You can equip two Pets at the same time, 1 at the Main inventory and 1 in the Sub.




Main Equip will show a pet that will always follow you wherever you go.


However on Sub Equip it will not be shown.


There are two types of MUUN pets, the Normal and the Elites


Elite type pets have a higher grade and status effects than the normal ones.


Pets status effect are disabled in PVP, so there is no additional status effect while doing PK or PVP






On MUUN Inventory these will be shown,


00 is the Grade of the Pet 


Level0 / Level3 are its Current and Max level.


0 = max lvl 2 , 00 = max lvl 3, 000 = max lvl 4, 0000 = max lvl 5.


Level up:


You can level your pet by using another Pet with the same type. the second pet will be consumed and the other will increased its level. Success rate is 100%


Ability and appearance may change upon gaining a level.


Once it gains a level, you can no longer decrease its level.


When the pets max level is reached, its ready for an Evolution.




To evolve a pet, you'll need an Evolution stone, and of course the pet must be in a Max level.


​Evolution stone can be acquired when you fill up the gauges of your wizard stones using an Energy converter,




Energy Converter can be bought later in Webshop, or you can check Potion girl amy


You can exchange your Wizard Stone into Evolution Stone in Elveland: NPC Monica (25, 230)



note: Evolutions Stone will also drop in MUUN Eggs.



How to use Evolution Stones?


Open your MUUN Inventory and Left Click + Drag the Evolution stones on the desired pet.


Evolve pet appearance and status effect will change and its Ability will increase on the max increment.


3018e7fb2b444c4a9f2e7617e4ca4d1a.png  EVOLVE >>>> 9f5d3631eb5a49efaa2f4c8575be1976.png


The amount of Energy consumed will differ on whats the Grade of the pet, the higher Grade, the higher Energy it needs to consumed.





Healing pet:


You can heal your pet using Jewel of Life, Success rate is 100%


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#21 [Guide] Ring Options

Posted by KingAdmin on 06 December 2016 - 01:12 PM

  • Wizard Ring20.gif

Damage increase = 10%

Wizardry damage increase = 10%

Attack speed increase = 30

  • Elite Skeleton Transformation Ring39.gif

Defense increase = 10%

Increase life = 730

  • Panda Ring76.gif

Zen increase = 50%

Attack increase = 30

Experience increase = 50%

(if using together with pet panda, skeleton at the same time)

  • Skeleton Ring122.gif

Attack increase = 40

Experience increase = 50%

(if using together with pet panda, skeleton at the same time)

  • Robot Knight Ring163.gif

Attack increase = 300

Defense increase = 100

Experience increase = 50%

(if using together with pet panda, skeleton at the same time)

  • Mini Robot Knight Ring164.gif

Attack increase = 300

Attack speed increase = 70

Experience increase = 50%

(if using together with pet panda, skeleton at the same time)

  • Great Heavenly Mage Ring165.gif

Attack increase = 400

Experience increase = 50%

(if using together with pet panda, skeleton at the same time)

  • Dark Transformation Ring268.gif

Attack increase = 700

Attack speed = 100

Defense increase = 500

Life increase = 5000



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#20 [Guide] Pet Options

Posted by KingAdmin on 06 December 2016 - 12:13 PM

  • Red Fenrir

Experience increase = 5%

  • Blue Fenrir

Experience increase = 10%

  • Black Fenrir

Experience increase = 10%

  • Gold Fenrir

Attack increase = 33%

Defense increase = 10%

Experience increase = 20%

  • Pet Unicorn106.gif

Defense increase = 200

Zen increase = 50%

  • Angel0.gif

Life increase = 300

Damage reduce = 20%

  • Satan1.gif

Damage increase = 30%

  • Demon64.gif

Damage increase = 40%

Attack speed increase = 50

  • Spirit of Guardian65.gif

Life Increase = 500

Damage reduce = 30%

  • Pet Panda80.gif

Experience increase = 50%

Defense increase = 100

  • Pet Skeleton123.gif

Experience increase = 50%

Damage increase = 20%

Attack speed increase = 40

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#180 [Event] GM Justice X-Mass Event

Posted by SeXeriTe on 14 December 2016 - 09:53 AM

Emm i think i got wrong whit sizes :D but anyway this gona work laik wallpaper xD


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#173 [Event] GM Justice X-Mass Event

Posted by bravestar on 14 December 2016 - 06:24 AM

Merry Christmas Everyone!




i will make more of this if im not busy working.


IGN: BraveStar

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#155 Update 13.12.2016

Posted by KingAdmin on 13 December 2016 - 11:21 AM

Added VIP System on server Dynamic 7000


Find Buy Vip Option in Account panel: 


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Posted by CHiLL on 13 December 2016 - 12:17 AM

"While most are dreaming of Success, Winners wake-up and work hard to achieve it!"

Well played guys!

Congrats to Niada and Reemaz in winning the KINGDOM race o rama event^_^



Having fun celebrating!!



Well played YoungWiz! =)


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#119 Update 11.12.2016

Posted by KingAdmin on 11 December 2016 - 12:23 PM

Maps Karutan 1 and Karutan 2 are now NON PVP maps, just like it is lost tower 7. It means you can not kill players on those maps.

Reason is to give a chance low reset players level up without getting killed by top resets players.

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#1129 [EVENT] Slogan Contest

Posted by GM Justice on 02 March 2017 - 04:18 AM

POST here your OWN Slogan for MU Kingdom

the BEST most unique and memorable Slogan wins


PRIZE: 3000 CREDITS increase to 5000 credits






a short and striking or memorable phrase used in advertising.
a motto associated with a political party or movement or other group.
Example: Mu Kingdom is the Best

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#63 [Event] First Drop Event

Posted by libranza12 on 09 December 2016 - 01:42 PM

i love this server so much not other server GM not visit 1 or twice a week this server is allways online GM and so kind. i hope all of GM are together support her players and then God bless you all Amen ^_^

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Posted by bravestar on 19 December 2016 - 05:26 AM

merry christmas

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#216 [Event] Christmas Event Gift 2000

Posted by KingAdmin on 16 December 2016 - 03:42 PM


Facebook Christmas Event - Free 2000 Credits on DYNAMIC 7000! 

  1. Go to Our Facebook page and press Page Like: PAGE FIND HERE
  2. Press Like on the following post: POST FIND HERE
  3. Share the following post in your timeline: POST FIND HERE
  4. Send a Message to Our Page with Your game Username (account ID)
  5. You will get credits after we read and check your share and like.
  6. One player can claim reward only once. Merry Christmas!

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#1234 Game Guide- Rings and Pendants

Posted by LOYAL on 18 March 2017 - 09:41 PM

Rings and Pendants


Rings and pendants improve the defenses / attacks of the character elements such as Ice, Lightning, Fire, Poison, Moving character, and more.


Importantly, there is no restriction by character (Classes), but like other MU objects, the rings have properties) As opposed to options!) Match or do not match specific skills.

Rings and pendants can wear from certain level (varies by feature and whether the object Exc', antique or regular)

There are three types and three places to put them:


An ordinary object +

Excellent (special( +

Antique +


Only Admin / Programmer can get these objects to +15

Or - purchase in advance at the web shop.


 • Note - It is important to note those Items do not to have Luck option!


Options of Exc' Pendants:

Automatic HP recovery 7%

Exc'"Damage rate + 10%

Increase wizardly Dmg + Level / 20

Increase Attacking (wizardly) speed + 7

Increase-acquisition rate of Life after hunting monsters + life / 8

Increase-acquisition rate of Mane after hunting monsters + mana / 8

Options of Ancient (antiques) Pendants and Rings:


Pendant of Water: Gaion Pendant of Water (+ 5-10 Vit)

Pendant of Fire: Garuda Pendant of Fire (+ 5-10 Str)

Pendant of Lighting: Eplete Pendant of Lightning (+ 5-10 Energy)

Pendant of Ice: Pendant of Ice (+ 5-10 Vitality)

Ring of Earth: Ceto Ring of Earth (+ 5-10 Str)

or Ring of Earth (+ 5-10 Vitality) Vicious Dragon

Ring of Fire: Anubis Ring of Fire (+ 5-10 Energy)

Ring of Wind: Kantata Ring of Wind (+ 5-10 Agi)

Poison of ring: Kantata Ring of Poison (+ 5-10 Vit)

Ring Ice: Ring of Ice (+ 5-10 Agility)

Magic ring: Ring of Magic (+ 5-10 Energy)


• Note:  those ancient Rings and Pendants are part's set of ancient fully, and without their capabilities are limited (see for yourself the add-Stat static score)


 Note: rings and pendants antique are part of a set full, and without their capabilities are limited (see for yourself the additional pints static stat)


General Features of Rings and Pendants:


Fire - Improves resistance to fire attacks




 Ice - Strengthen your defenses against any attack of Ice




Earth - Defense against an attack that combines features Earth (in combination with Wind, Ice or Fire-Depending on which character class)

Wind - improves resistance especially, in front of the twisting attacks and Combo.

Lighting - Strengthens protection against move the character.


Features of the rings only:


Magic - enhances magic attacks and increases resistance to certain magic attacks (I have not seen a sign of improved protection against Summoner attacks…)

Poison - improves resistance to any attacks of poison.


Available only in Pendants:

Ability - improves the defensive rules, and enhances the case of paralysis

 (eg: Attack Summoner)




Water - This unique skill improves against Aqua Bean Skill.





Note: pendants are an item that helps protect primarily defensive features. They have optional Automatic recovery of the HP 1-7%


Rings are designed mainly for protection, for example:

Fighter has skills related to Wind properties, so Ring of Wind improve protection against another fighter

The Pendant is just the opposite, responsible for strengthening skill, for example:

Lord's Fire skill is dominant trait, if that character Wearing Pendant of Fire, It's strengthens his attack.


In general:

Rings of Fire - Wind- Magic - these we find the following options

 7% of the HP Recovery

Automatic HP Recovery 7%

Increases acquisition rate of Zen after hunting monster +40%

 Max + 4% increase in Mana

% 4+ Inc. Max Mana

 Raise Max HP + 4%

% 4+ Inc. Max HP

 Defense Success Rate +10%

Defense success rate + 10%

Harm reduction + 4%

Damage decrease + 4%

Replace attack power + 5%

Reflect Damage + 5%

Obtaining money (strain) after killing monster + 40%

Increases acquisition rate of Zen after hunting monster + 40%


Pendant options:  Ice \Wind \ Water \ Ability \ Lighting

 7% of the HP Recovery

Automatic HP Recovery 7%

 Great damage probability 10%

Excellent Damage rate + 10%

 Increase the Magic Damage + level / 20

Increase Wizardly Damage + Level / 20

 Increasing the Speed of Magic +7

Increase Attacking (wizardly) Speed + 7

 Increasing Life \ 8 after killing a monster

 Increase of Life-acquisition rate after hunting monsters + life / 8

 Increasing Mana\ HP after killing a monster

 Increase-acquisition rate of Mane after hunting monsters + mana / 8


Each part can add characters, sometimes called the combination of Rings and Pendant – as a "Set"

(For example, Rings of Ice + Pen of Ice = "Ice Set")

Many believe that a combination of types of reinforcing the defenses.

I prefer to combine the features, for example, for the Warrior type - one part Earth 2 parts of Wind.

For Dark Lord - the two parts of Fire and one Earth.

Wizard - Rings of ice and magic. Or Pendant\ Rings of ice and Poison \ one part of Magic.

Now comes the interesting part:


Warrior (BK\BM) and even RF:

The important feature is the Wind, so if we want protection from a fighting Character then we should actually use Ring of Wind (preferably two) and if we are also fighting against Lord- We should use Ring of Wind, Ring of Fire and Pendant of Wind.


Dark Lord or Summoner:

If we fighting against Lord, we should use:

Pendant: Wind

Ring 1: Wind

Ring 2: Fire or Wind.


One can also try a combination of:

Ring 1: Wind or Earth

Ring 2: Wind or Fire

Pendant of Lighting - and why? Pendant of Lighting improve the resistance to move the character from side to side.


DL against another Lord:

Since the main feature is the Fire, so selecting the best set would be:

Pendant of Fire

Ring 1: Fire or Earth

Ring 2: Fire



Try this combination:

Ring 1: Poison or Earth

Ring 2: Wind or Fire

Pendant of Lighting



The main skills usually are Ice and Decay, then against the Wizard should choose:

Pendant of Ice

Ring 1: Ice

Ring 2: Poison


Wizard against Warrior:

Pendant of Ice

Ring 1: Fire

Ring 2: Wind


Magic Gladiator:

using this Character primarily for training or hunt monsters, MG normally uses lightning and Sword's skills.

Therefore, we use two types of Pendant: Wind or Ability.



Pendant: Wind or Ability

Ring 1: Fire

Ring 2: Fire or Ice




One of the dominant skills in PVP is the Ice Arrow, therefore I recommend:

Pendant of Ice

Ring 1: Fire

Ring 2: Wind



Credit: anther Forum (no longer exists) and me, Loyal

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